Pure Calm YokeMat - Eco Acupressure Mat & Pillow Bundle

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Relieve your stress, improve the quality of your sleep, and take control of your own wellness with the Pure Calm EcoYoke Acupressure Mat. Try Yours Today!

  • 🧘 A Natural Way To De-Stress. Simply lie on the acupressure mats and massage pillow for a release of endorphins.
  • 😊 Use To Boost Your Mood. Release stagnant energy and feel more relaxed, attentive and in-control.
  • ❤️ Feel Muscle Tension Melt Away. Relieves headaches, stiff neck, back pain, fibromyalgia and insomnia relief.
  • ✌️ Natural, Drug Free, Holistic Self-Care. Hand crafted from eco-friendly, non harmful materials.
  • 🧘 Take Charge Of Your Wellness Journey. Practice the ancient healing form of acupressure, in a modern way, in just a few minutes. 

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Our Top 5 Newbie Acupressure Mat Questions:

  • "What Are The Benefits?" Better sleep, More energy, Less pain, Stress relief, and Improved mood.
  • "Is The YokeMat Painful?" Newbies will feel a prickling sensation followed by warmth. Wear thin clothing to start with to ease the sensation.
  • "Will the YokeMat pierce my skin?" With even distribution of pressure when you lie on the mat, it will not pierce your skin.
  • "How long should I use the Yoke Mat to feel the benefits?" 10 to 15 minutes a day will get your body adjusted to the mat. Daily use provides the most benefits.
  • "What Are The Side Effects?" Other than some potential redness from the area you used the Mat on (increased ciruclation), there are no major side effects.