3 Keys To Opening Yourself Up (Mindfully) Again

It's end of lockdown, in Britain!

The sun is out, we can go outside and.... participate in the world again! 

One of the questions I've been asking is how to NOT over-do it as things open up. 

Here are my 3 keys to preventing Opening Up Mindfully:

  1. Set Your Boundaries: Have set times in your calendar for being social. Mine are Saturday afternoons & all of Sunday :) 
  2. Learning What You Need: You don't have to see everyone in the span of a week. I'm spacing my peeps out over months. 
  1. It's Okay To Not Go Back To Everything: There is no pressure to do what you did before. I am dropping a few memberships in Central London - it's actually quite far from my life, now!


To feeling the best you've ever felt,



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