30 Seconds Is All You Need…

It's summer-time, right? 

And as it's so warm....

This week's tip is simple & topical: 

When you are in the shower, for 30 seconds, turn it to cold.

Every day, for 7 days.

You have to breathe during this time, and anyone in your home might come running when you scream, but wow, it's worth it:


  1. Higher Levels Of Alertness (it wakes you up!)
  2. Better Immune Response (increases white blood cells)
  3. Increased Willpower (if you can do this, you can do anything). 

And that 3rd reason is no joke - a small achievement leads to big ones later on!  


An instant, free energy boost.


PS: It doesn't have to be FREEZING cold, just "ooooo" cold.


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