Acupressure Mats: Do They Work?

This article talks about Acupressure Mats in the UK and if they work. 

Do Acupressure Mats Work?

I was hit by a van on my bicycle, and, in my studies to heal myself, I came across an interesting study on the mats. 

As a Masters of Science, a National Public Health Expert and a Nurse, I knew it made me feel good, but I wanted to know was this result typical? 

In this 2012 study by Hohmann et. al, they were trying to figure out if 40 patients who receive 14 days of 30 minutes a day acupressure treatment for chronic neck and lower back pain would see a difference between a control group that didn't. 

The Results In The Following Were Significant: 

- The mats had a substantial potential to reduce chronic neck and back pain. 

- Participants found they had higher increased pain thresholds. 

- Higher self-reported levels of relaxation leading to healthier and better living.

 - A benefit of the pad is that it’s easy to use, safe, and does not require a therapist. 

And, with no adverse effects reported - other than the first few moments of discomfort when you lie on the mat. 

To that, I say... breathe. Breathe Deeply and focus on your own breath. It will help! 

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