Before You Say Something Out Of Anger

At some point in your day, week or month, someone is going to anger you.

What is your natural response? 

It's probably a rush of passion, an urgency to respond, to right the wrong. 

But this is almost always the worst thing you can do. 

The Stoics of Ancient Greece had a rule: "Whenever you feel yourself getting angry, don't say or do anything until you've repeated the 24 letters of the alphabet to yourself." 

It's a simple rule: Before you act out of anger...

Pause. Sit. Count. Go Outside. Whistle. Sleep. Read. Voicenote a firiend. 

What you do doesn't matter.

What matters is what you don't do (saying the first thing that pops in your head).

We must pause first.  

To a less dramatic life,

PS: Having less drama doesn't have to be complicated. 

PPS: Are you still saying those affirmations we practiced?


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