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A yoga pillow is generally suitable for anyone who has problems with their back and wants to relieve it through a few simple exercises. In this article we will show you which options are available to you on Amazon and what you should pay attention to when buying.

Namaste'! Especially during a stressful work phase, we become more and more aware of how important it is to take time out regularly. Between home office and everyday life, it is difficult to find peace.


A round of yoga is perfect for this. But you need the right support. A yoga pillow. But which yoga pillow is right for you? And what types of yoga pillows are there? We will answer these questions and more in the following guide.


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This yoga pillow will help you achieve the perfect balance between your mind, soul and body. It consists of 100% vegan materials and does not contain any toxic products.


It is soft but equally firm and helps relieve most of the tension in your back, neck and hips. Likewise, it fits seamlessly into your body posture, thus ensuring a perfect yoga routine. It can be used as an exercise prop, to relieve stress during pregnancy, and for general meditation.


This yoga pillow comes in a vibrant and attractive pink colour with a small phrase engraved at the front to boost your confidence and motivation. Using this pillow for a yoga session will reduce your stress and anxiety.


Moreover, this yoga pillow is designed to ensure an optimal alignment of your spine and back. It relieves you of any hip or neck pain and keeps you relaxed throughout your session. It is also infused with lavender aromatherapy that adds to the room's vibe and makes you feel excited about your workout.

Buying and evaluation criteria for yoga pillows

To help you choose your next yoga pillow, we have summarised the most important criteria so that you can find the best yoga pillow for you.


Individual seat height

An integrated zip on the yoga pillow makes it particularly easy to adjust the seat height individually. This allows you to adjust the cushion perfectly to your body size.


By simply removing or adding the filling material, the seat height can be perfectly adjusted to your size. Make sure that your yoga pillow has this zip so that you can change it individually.


Washable covers

Since yoga and meditation exercises can cause sweating, and generally any object can get dirty over time, it is likely that the cushion will get dirty after a certain amount of time.


Therefore, it can be useful to choose a yoga pillow that has a washable cover. This way you can easily throw the cover in the washing machine and wash it regularly. There are certain yoga pillows that do not have washable covers, so pay special attention when buying.


Natural materials

Since you want to find your inner centre, especially when doing yoga and meditation, it makes sense that the cushion is made of natural materials. Environmentally friendly and non-corrosive colours are also an important point for a high-quality yoga cushion.


Many yoga pillows also have a GOTS seal, which guarantees the controlled and organic cultivation of cotton. This seal also guarantees environmentally friendly colours and fair working conditions.


Ideal sitting position

Depending on the hardness and filling material, the cushion adapts perfectly to your body. This allows your spine to straighten up and prevents back pain. Your blood circulation is also stimulated by an ideal sitting position. Therefore, before you buy, you should inform yourself about the different shapes of yoga pillows. Often, the different shapes are suitable for different types of yoga.


Guide: Frequently asked questions about yoga pillows answered in detail

In this section, we will explain the most frequently asked questions about yoga pillows so that you are sufficiently informed when you want to buy your yoga pillow.


Who is a yoga pillow suitable for?

A yoga pillow is no longer only useful for yoga, we have already learned a lot about how it can relieve the spine and stimulate blood circulation. There are also some yoga cushions with an acupuncture side.


Therefore, a yoga pillow is generally suitable for anyone who has problems with their back and wants to relieve it through a few simple exercises. A yoga pillow has also long been an it-piece in many homes due to its individual and often beautiful design.


So, to prevent back pain and boost your circulation, a yoga cushion is a good choice. You should also exercise regularly to keep your body fit. Yoga cushions are also a great help for this.


But besides all the positive effects for your body, many yoga pillows are now also very in. Because of the beautiful patterns and colours, they are often placed as decoration in homes.

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