Buy Yoke Wellness, #GiveCleanWater

Buy Yoke Wellness, #GiveCleanWater

This article talks about how Yoke Wellness's founder made it a mission for Yoke to give back with each purchase. 


While working in a war-torn refugee camp hospital in South Sudan, I had a discussion with Aamira, a bubbly and bright young girl living in the camp.

She said something that shocked me - that 6 hours of every single day was spent on water - walking to it, collecting it or boiling it.

Often, she couldn't go to school if the family water reserves were low. Aamira's words stuck WITH me.

As long as she continued to spend a majority of her time collecting water, this wonderful girl wouldn't get the education she would thrive in getting.

WIth Yoke Wellness, YOU CAN change that.

Yoke has partnered with Charity: Water UK which brings clean and safe drinking water to OVER 11,000,000 PEOPLE in 29 COUNTRIES


 For every Yoke product that is purchased, we will give 1% OF THE PROFITS to PROVIDE clean water TO 40 people in THE developing world without.

 OUR GOAL IS MODEST IN 2021, with hopes to fund an entire water project in 2022 and beyond.

 Your purchase is the difference, to kids like Aamira.


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