Cultivating Resilience in Mind & Body

Guest Post From Our Ambassador Sabina Ahmadov on Cultivating Resilience in Mind & Body

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In a world which might feel chaotic, uncertain, shook up and maybe even scary at times; how do we stay connected to ourselves, let go and find our centre again? For more and more people, this is beginning to include blending ancient rituals into our busy modern lives.

From moon circles to plant medicines, tarot cards to astrology, practices that were until recently largely viewed as hippy, esoteric and perhaps suspicious, are being incorporated as tools for emotional and spiritual wellness.

Being a modern human myself, with all the regular technological distractions and pressures, when I was  introduced to yogic practices, other than asana (movement).... I was intrigued and in some instances, like perhaps you have been, suspicious.

It took practice, exposure and the right teacher putting in the right words for me to really take in in....

My Forrest Yoga teacher training was an intense 27 day training which felt like torture and simultaneously the best thing I have ever done! Teaching in front of 50 people (one of them Ana Forrest herself), hearing honest feedback on my practice and teaching, and confronting my deepest insecurities, which Ana matter of factly says to you in front of your peers and teachers. All this led to one intensive month of learning and transformation. 

One day, when I was teaching the dreaded abdominal exercises which a lot of you know and 'love,' my neck was jutting forward (as it used to be a lot back then) with the intent of wanting to show my eagerness to try my very hardest and to never give up (something which had been drilled into me and allowed me to survive in a new country as an immigrant).

Ana put her hand on the back of my neck tenderly and said: "Sabina you do not always have to try so hard, they will still love you!" All of my defences and barriers seemed to disintegrate in that moment - I was vulnerable and free of the weight I had carried for such a long time, my legs felt like jelly and I began to cry.

Through the tears I continued to teach...

One day, towards the end of the training we did a meditation - Bhramari into the Chakras. By this stage, I have had many breakthroughs, confronted my triggers and fears - I was raw! Using this technique of vibrational buzzing bee sound (Bhramari) and guided writing designed to help us integrate and uptake the tools from the training. 

Prior to starting the meditation Ana explained to us, what it meant to use this ancient technique in a way my modern mind and body could understand. That was the tipping point for me.

Ancient practices, when taught in words which you can appreciate and understand can apply to your life. 

Since then, I have been incorporating ancient yogic practices into my personal life and teaching, with confidence and passion. I strive to make them relevant and applicable as I see them from my point of view.

With that in mind I have created a new course on my membership site - Cultivating Resilience in Mind and Body. It contains 3 parts - 7 videos on Breath, 7 videos on Body and 7 Audio/Videos on Mind and Emotions. There will also be some additional written material for the extra curious yogis:)

All classes are under 30 minutes and will contain Pranayama (breathing) techniques explained and guided to help with anxiety, sleeping issues, digestion and much more. The Body section will contain subtle movements drawn from my love of Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine so expect functional ways of calming your nerves and nourishing body. The Meditation section to feed your mind and emotions, and this will include the sweet sweet Yoga Nidra.

Right now in its infancy, the course will grow with the feedback and interests of its users and when complete it will be £25 (one off payment). For you, my curious community of yogis, it is £15 for the whole course (one off payment).

Also, Unlimited Members get the course FREE as part of the membership (see below if you want to join!).

When you take the course, please provide feedback of what else I can add that is applicable to your life as a modern human, and I will add it to the course. 

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