From Desire to Fulfillment

Happy New Year! The beginning of the calendar year is naturally a time when a lot of people reflect on the bygone and intention or plan for the year ahead.

Unfortunately there can also be a disappointing side to this when you make 'New Year's Resolutions' and by day 24 of the new year it is history. My resolutions (in my previous non-yoga life) were often to do with my weight and food, as well as exercise.

I have been that person who signed up to a gym and didn't use it past January.

Coincidentally, practicing yoga was also part of a new years resolution when I lived in Edinburgh, but one that stuck and changed my life. A colleague at work knew I was practicing yoga occasionally and I had talked about the benefits to her, which intrigued her. But she was a very classy and cool lady and didn't fancy doing yoga in a cold primary school, which is where my teacher held her classes at the time - the time before fancy yoga studios! As part of a new years resolution, my colleague got us Groupon vouchers for a brand new Hot Yoga studio. I had no clue what that was at the time but said I would go along, especially because winters in Scotland are cold and feeling warm in a Hot Yoga room sounded like a good idea.

The warm and caring smiles of the 2 teachers who greeted me and being in a hot room released endorphins and relaxed my muscles in a way that helped me connect to my body on a brand new level. The room was beautiful, filled with plants and a high ceiling with sky light. And the play-list was out of this world (you can play contemporary music whilst practicing yoga?!)! Previously, being a casual yoga student, after this visit, yoga became my life! My friend, on the other hand, hated the heat and never went back.

What we were taught and how we were taught in the Hot Yoga studio spoke to me and aligned with my values and ethics, so I was magnetised to the studio and the teachers immediately - its like they held open a door, previously mysterious and entry only available to those with a password. Inside it - Yoga teachings so otherworldly that only select few could enter being worthy of this knowledge.

Since becoming a yoga teacher myself, it has been my intention to make yoga available and attainable to anyone interested and willing to listen.

Here is a Creation Equation inspired by Swami Rama's teachings:

I(s) + I(v)>I(k)=P

Intensity of:
  • Shakti - impulse behind the desire
  • Vayu - Sum of energy that is directed to fulfilling the intention/sankalpa
  • Karma - sum of resistance that obstructs fulfilment 
  • Prapti - fulfilment
In other words, the energy you direct towards making intentions happen has to be higher than the energy of the resistance to that intention taking place. When the energy of fulfilment is higher, then the intention is more likely to come true. If something means a lot to you, then you will work hard day and night to make it happen. If you are unsure or on the fence about an intention or distracted by other things that need your energy, then your intention might not come true or take a long time to come true.

The reason I was unable to lose weight or start a new exercise regime for a long time was because I was distracted with a stressful job of running a busy pub in the centre of Edinburgh (yes, me!). It drained me and consumed most of my energy and time. Going to yoga made me realise that in order for me to be healthy, I had to leave the business. This was a life altering decision and took a lot of thinking and guts.

I chose my health and stepped away from the business. A few years on, I was 20kg lighter, eating healthier and studying to be a yoga teacher. Therefore seeing resistance does not mean to give up. There are ways to increase your shakti and/or vayu, to decrease the resistance around fulfilling your desire, or doing a little bit of both in order to accomplish want you want.

I know you want to start right away, but remember this is a process. More on this in the next blog...

If doing yoga more consistently is one of your desires this year then please check out my new online platform!

The Yoke Wellness Ambassador,

Sabina Ahmadov

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