Getting Up At 5AM - What I Did, And Is It For You?

This article talks about my experiment with getting up early, if it helped me, and if it could help you. 

My 30 Day 5 AM Challenge

To help me set a proper new direction in my life, I made real goals. And that included a 30 day challenge, to change my ingrained habits of waking up at 7am to 5am.

Here’s What I Learned:

1. It’s Peak Productivity Time At 5am

Do you hear that? Yeah, It’s nothing. Silence. And I live in Central London. It’s NEVER nothing. Except at 5am. I wake up, head to my living room, and hear… birds. I didn’t even know birds existed in this city until this challenge.

It can take a few hours to fully warm up, but if you start working this early, you will be more productive and hit your flow before people are even getting up.

What time is peak energy flow when you get up at 5am?

It’s around 7am. Think about that.

Usually mornings are chaos around 7 or 8 am, and I’ve already hit my peak. No emails, no kids, no distractions. I’m writing this article, and it’s 5:19am. I’ve already finished my WhatsApp messages, connected with my new 4 followers on Medium, posted one story, and now am writing this.


THIS is the time to do the most complex tasks you have. Then, by the time the world awakes, you have already succeeded.

2. What Is Two Hours Anyway?

This is the saddest thing I will admit, but getting up this early shifts your internal clock. I now am sleepy at 8pm. And start my night -time rituals here. No TV, no screens, and I’m down by 9pm.

That’s still 8 hours!

You probably aren’t doing anything productive at night anyway.

Two hours each day works out to 10 hours a work-week which is 520 extra hours a year. What could you do with this time?

The trade-off, as I would soon understand, is a world of dinners with friends and always glancing at the clock around 8pm, wherever I am, like I was Cinderella about to turn into a pumpkin.

It’s probably the difference between a frazzled life and a life to achieve your goals.

3. Being On Top, Not Behind

When I now wake up at 7 A.M. or 8 A.M., I’m angry. There’s emails, and texts and people demanding my time. I no longer create my time.

I’m fire-fighting before I’ve started.

And by the end of the morning, I’ve had no time to catch up with my own life, and am behind with work.

It’s like waking up in quicksand.

And being so tight, trickles into the rest of my day. I now am upset when I lose my morning quiet-time — and it’s becoming more sacred to me, something worth standing by and protecting.

Those Two Bonus Hours Are Epic

You will start the day calmly and concentrated. In addition, you will feel obliged to make the most of those extra 2 hours for which you make the effort to wake up so early.

You will then enter a virtuous circle that will take the procrastination away from you for good.

4. Really, It’s Consistency That Is The Game Changer

It doesn’t matter what the ritual, or new fad, that you are trying IS.

It’s what it does for you, and whether it fits your goals. If you are planning on taking night-time astrology photographs, getting up at 5am is not going to work. But if you are trying to grow a business, and need to use your brain to make progress in the morning, then getting up at 5am might revolutionise your world.

Successful people don’t wake up at 5 A.M. by accident.

5. Being Productive From The Hop

This extends to getting up at 5am. When I get up, I follow a simple ritual. Make The Bed, Brush my teeth, grab a glass of water, and glance at my To-Do list (which has most of the same morning things on it).

You feel accomplished, right off the bat, because you woke up, and did something to start with! In fact, it’s so popular, there’s even a book on it. You are already ahead of 90% of people by getting up at 5am.

You are building a strong foundation, of small successes, to bring to the rest of your life.


In my 30 day challenge, I realised that for the first 33 years of my life, I missed out on the 2 most precious hours of my day. It’s now changed the way I live and work and have found productivity. I have time to be ahead of everyone, meditate and do my entire morning routine, while settling into habits that have made the rest of my day more fulfilling.

Would you try this? 

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