Ho Do I Change My State of Mind?

Do you have days when you are stuck in the same gear and unable to shift?

Where there doesn't seem to be progress, ideas aren't flowing as easily and inspiration is drying out? Especially now during the pandemic, when a lot of us are forced to work or teach children from home, feeling more crammed than usual and not getting enough personal space. 

Maybe a significant lack of interaction and an inability to socialise and share ideas can also deplete our creative juices. So much of creativity is shared and learnt from others and from human interaction - this could be especially true for those who are missing shared office space.

When you get into a state of mind which isn't productive or is uninspired, what do you do?

Ho Do I Change My State of Mind?

Before I answer that from my perspective, let's define 'State of Mind'. 

'State of mind' is defined as the quality of one’s consciousness as it relates to the outside world, as well as the perception of their inner thoughts and emotions. When you’re in control of your state of mind, you’re the master of your emotions.
Very often, the difference between peak performance and average or mediocre work isn't a person's capability, but their state of mind in the moment that work was produced. 

Here are a few tips I found useful to change my state:
  • Adjust your posture! I know this is very 'obvious' but possibly the most powerful one on the list. Our physiology has so much to do with our mood. Our nervous system and hormones, not just muscles and bones are affected by how we sit. Sustained slumped-forward posture creates unnecessary stress and strains your spine, affects your breath and affects your nervous system, making you irritated and angry. The Fix? Align the back of your head with lumbar spine (when you are seated), broaden the collar bones and draw shoulder blades towards the spine. 


  • Pay attention to your breathing! There is a close relationship between the pace and intentionality of our breathing with the brain networks involved in mood, attention, and body awareness. Activity in the amygdala suggests that quick breathing rates may trigger feelings like anxiety, anger, or fear. Use Optimal Breathing - directing inhale into side ribs and belly and exhaling to hug the belly in. Do that for 2 minutes, then get back to your work.


  • Take a cat nap (or as they call it in Jamaica - a puss nap). I don't have to explain further, its just the best thing ever!


  • Take a colder* shower! - I am not gonna lie, I don't do this in the winter because our flat is not very warm BUT in the summer I used to take cold showers and it was a very effective way to change how I felt. Turn the water slightly colder than you are used to, and even a small decrease in temperature can show great benefits for changing state quickly. There is this sudden surge of energy and excitement which is invigorating.


  • Having a morning routine which helps you stay in a positive state. This is rich coming from a meditation teacher, but MEDITATE!  Every year, more and more research in the west shows the abundance of transformative positive effects meditation has on your brain which ultimately affects your state. Check out Mindful Meditations on my online platform for Yoga, meditations and much more!


  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST - MOVE! Do something you love - dance, go for a walk, HIIT, Yoga or anything else which takes you away from stagnation. If it is yoga you are into, check out my YouTube channel  which has plenty of classes of varying lengths. 

The Yoke Wellness Ambassador,

Sabina Ahmadov


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