How An Acupressure Mat is Helping My Tweaked Neck Today

This article is about how Yoke Wellness's acupressure mat helped my continually tweaked neck. 

Recently, I wrote about my origin story, and how I was just a normal, average guy, having a lovely early morning cycle, when a sinister van decided to end that experience and crushed me, sending me into the Emergency Room. 18 months later and I’m still dealing with the after effects, like yesterday, how I tweaked my neck again — something that happens so often now after the concussion.

I want to be healthy again — that old saying “health is wealth," right?

It’s true, there is no health without wealth. So today, I’m dealing with another day of a similar type of neck sprain — where my eyes narrow at the pain, my shoulders have to entirely turn to see anything behind me and my shoulders and neck TIGHTEN, as if my body is ENTERING PROTECTION MODE…

On the inside, I know that this is a slippery slope for me, and probably related to some stresses going on in my life — like worrying about if my business will survive and thinking about my family and friends health during this crisis.

So my problem yesterday was two-fold, I was pissed off that this injury was flaring up, and the 6 pain meds I took in the morning had no effect on the pain level. So I jumped on the acupressure mat.

Now, acupressure talks a lot about energy pathways in your body, and opening up these energy pathways is what those thousands of tiny spikes do. I felt the blockages in my neck, in my shoulders, and my head, as I meditated on the acupressure mat yesterday, loosen and allow energy to flow.

Acupressure allows energy to stop bottlenecking in points of physical and emotional pain, like cutting a hole in the side of a beer can to allow better flow (I grew up in rural Alberta, this is the best analogy I have).

But I was still in so much pain — the self-healing mechanisms need time to kick in and work. I’ll have to continue the acupressure mat work along with some treatment — I have an appointment with the Doctor this morning at 6am, however….

Today, I feel better, thanks to the Yoke Acupressure Mat.

Today my body already feels better — I have better range of motion, and I’m more centred and alert. The PROTECTION mode, which causes me to be a super-grump, is wearing off.

Body, you can relax. We got this.

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