How The Yoke Wellnesss Acupressure Pillow Helped Me Heal (and how it could help you)

This article talks about how I went from being hurt to starting Yoke Wellness, and how the acupressure pillow was a big part of that. 

How My Pain Led To An Acupressure Pillow

Recently, I wrote about my origin story, and how I was just a normal, average guy, having a lovely early morning cycle, when a sinister van decided to end that experience and crushed me, sending me being carried into the Emergency Room.

I turned into an introverted monster; snapping at my partner, unable to sleep, irritable all the time, and anything could have set me off. Internally, I was worried I would never be the ‘kind, happy’ person I was.

It’s not easy to tune-in when you are in a lot of pain — in fact, with a ringing samba in your ears all the time, the inability to look at screens or be in bright lights, and not being able to remember things, I spent a lot of time NOT trying to embody my feelings. It all hurt — and inside, I was afraid that I wasn’t actually going to recover.

God, would I do anything to fight for that version of myself again.

So, I did. I fought for myself. I dug into medical journals and podcasts and books and as a nurse, I used my friends and people around me to suggest alternative ways to heal.

The Discovery of the YokePillow

And then I made a discovery that changed everything:

I ended up incorporating an acupressure pillow into my healing, and the pillow didn’t come with an instruction guide, so I had to listen to my body to feel the difference.

I was definitely skeptical using this spiky pillow for the first time, I mean, it just looks weird, right? But that all changed when I used it, and my body felt … energised in a way no drugs from Big Pharma could have made it feel.

It was hard to find a pillow that suited my body, and didn’t look like a torture machine, so along the way, I ended up developing my own acupressure mat & pillow. It took me thousands of dollars and almost a year of my life, but it’s coming to the UK next week!

I love it — the look, the feel, how it gives me energy and smoothes out my balances.

And I’m no longer afraid that I’m not going to recover, because, actually, I have!

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