How Yin Yoga Saved Me...

This article talks about how yin yoga helped changed my world (and helped me to develop our mats!)

I was just about to enter the darkest period of my life – one that would last years and take me through the legal system, multiple therapists and a near fatal accident.

It was a Yin class that helped keep me sane. Sabina Ahmadov's Yin Class. Saturday, Bermondsey, MoreYoga. She did something yoga teachers call “holding space.” The combination of her playlists, gentle instruction and that candlelit studio brought me back to something I hadn’t felt in a long time… Myself.   

To this day, I call her class Yin Magic. They are magic.

I now realise, she does that for so many of her students. It’s not just in classes either – it’s late-night voice notes, phone calls, weekend walks, coffee’s (dozens?) and random trips to the post office to send gifts. She’s a light to so many people. She Holds Space.

I started Yoke Wellness to help empower others to heal in an alternative way. Movement, breathe, Eastern Medicine, mindfulness. And so when I was thinking of who could be the Ambassador for this movement, I didn’t have to look far.

I knew the perfect person who fits that description. Sabina Ahmadov, Yoke Wellness Ambassador.

She's such a great embodiment of everything we are trying to be, and she has ALREADY created an incredible suite of FREE bonuses for anyone who buys a Yoke Wellness product. Bonuses that help people breath, move and connect with themselves. 

To the start of a fantastic partnership,


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