How I Wind Down After A Full Day

This article will help you wind down after a long day, whether using yoga, acupressure or the techniques below. 

It’s the end of the day where I start turning into a robot. Mindlessly scrolling my Instagram feed, reading article after article about a sports team that isn’t even playing, perching in front of a screen until I’m too tired and overwhelmed to do it anymore, and then I go to bed. 📱

I figured without some sort of ‘wind-down’ routine, like the ‘wind-up’ routine I have in the morning, I end up going to bed still frazzled from the day and not at all balanced. 🌆

So, I created an Amish Hour, a one-hour period before bed where the screens get put away and it gently nudges my body to shut down over the course of an hour. Here’s what works best for me, after a few months of experimenting. 🛌🏼

Amish Hour (800–900pm): 🕒

- 1. Work: One last scan of the inbox and I make a plan for the next day.

- Put down all screens. 📵

- 3 to 5 minute session thinking of 3 people I want to be happy, often with 2 current people in my life and 1 old friend. *This helps take my world out of myself (where it usually is at night time) and onto other people who I care about.

- 5 Minute Journal Follow Up: What are 3 amazing things that happened today. How could I have made today better? *This is a 2nd chance in my day to write, following up on how my day went from the morning journalling. ✍🏼

- 5 Minutes: Move spine six ways (yin yoga) & lie down on my Acupressure Set. *Usually the end of my day is pretty static in front of a computer, so moving my spine is like medicine for me. 

- 10 to 20 minutes: Meaningful evening discussion. *Good way for Sabina and I to reconnect at the end of the day.

- 10 minutes: Shower to reset body. *Usually it’s a warm shower to heat up in winter and cool shower to rinse off in summer.🚿

- Till Sleep: Magnesium supplement, Thyroid Helper, Read. *The supplement helps with sleep while reading tends to work better when it’s fiction. 💊

This has been one of the tougher habits. I find it really tough to first of all decide to end my day, and then to walk away, and then to shift my mindset to slowing down. 

Any other tips you have for winding down?

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