How No Breakfast Helped My Thyroid Condition

In this article on the Yoke Wellness blog, I talk about how I learned a trick to handle a thyroid condition.

was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. The name alone sounds intimidating — like a Samurai killer intent on destroying me. Basically, it’s where your thyroid can’t recognise itself as a good thing and starts attacking itself.

I realised this when I started losing my eyebrows, sweating at night, and being so tired during the day that my warning bells were ringing. It also meant my confidence was flagging, my weight was uncontrollable and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t focus on simple things; like listening to my partner.

I needed a change, and I turned myself into a guinea pig to find an answer.

You Are What You Eat

One of the answers lay in gut health. Your stomach talks to the rest of your body, brain included, and gives it the lay of the land.

  • Too much stress? Your gut will up the acid.
  • Skin inflammation? Could be related to a leak in your gut.
  • Autoimmune Disease? Your gut could be contributing to turning on the body’s fight response to itself.

There it was — my Hashimoto’s was an autoimmune disease! Now, as a nurse for 10 years, and a national public health expert, not one person told me my gut health would be the problem.

What Does This Have To Do With Breakfast?

Well, everything. It seems like eating 3 meals a day, every day, without fail, can cause your gut to work overdrive. It’s like never going on holiday. Actually, when we go on holiday, my gut works harder.

Hashimoto’s Protocol, a book I used to help me over the disease, helped me learn that taking a break from food can actually enable the gut to recover and repair itself.

So I tackled a 30 day challenge to see what would happen to my gut. Not eating breakfast at first was tough — I was so hungry by 10am, but after awhile, the body adjusts. I am grateful to have a partner who was my support system, and doing it with me.

All I did was eat my normal dinner around 6pm and not eat until noon .

The Results:

  1. Weight Loss: This was not the intended purpose, but I still lost 2 lbs by not having breakfast.
  2. More Energy: This surprised me, but my body appeared to burn the energy it did have better.
  3. Less Intake: I thought I would eat huge amounts for lunch and supper but my stomach shrank.
  4. Better Sleep: As I was no longer never going to bed full, my body was able to rest easier.

I ended up curing my Hashimoto’s disease, getting control of my life, concentrating better and being more confident again, because of, in part to losing breakfast. I’ve continued this tradition since, fasting until 10am everyday now.

My mission with Yoke Wellness is to help others empower themselves to improve their own health with our line of acupressure, yoga and healing products! 

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