How To Cleanse Your Healing Crystals

This article is a beginners guide on  how to cleanse and charge your healing crystals

Why Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

These crystals invite peace & serenity to you. They can raise your positive vibrations, ward off negative ones, balance your emotions and relax your nervous system. Feel Grounded.

Cleansing and Charging your crystals is the first thing you do when you get them - to both re-balance the stones and prepare them for your usage. By doing this, you can get on the same vibration and really tune into what crystals are going to be helpful for you.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

- With new crystals, start by cleansing them. Rinse them under water from your tap, filtered water OR water from a nearby lake, stream or pond.

- All methods work fine, and as I live in Central London, it isn't always feasible to find these places.

- Do what feels best for you. Crystals are largely about intuition and tapping into your inner knowledge. 

How To Charge Your Crystals

- Now that your crystals have been washed and cleansed of previous energy, it's time to charge them, much like you would charge your phone. Instead of 'plugging it in' to the electrical socket, the crystal uses the sun or the moon to charge!

- Either put them out into the sun for 2-3 hours or leave them out on a window sill on a clear evening to soak up the moon's rays. 




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