How To Speak To Yourself

We all speak to ourselves.

But most of the time, it's 90% of the same stuff we've repeated to ourself our whole life.

To change your life, and upgrade your world, you need to say different things to yourself.

Everyday, here's a simple "Self-Confidence" affirmation that I use. 

Say it out loud once a day in the morning until the next newsletter, and start to feel yourself change: 

I am just as worthy, deserving and capable of achieving everything that I want, in every area of my life, as can any other person on earth. From this moment on, I am 100% committed to my personal development each day, so that I create and sustain the levels of success that I truly want and deserve. I commit now to schedule and follow through today with the necessary actions that will ensure I create the extraordinary life I deserve to life. From this moment on, I give up being perfect for authentic. I will be myself, I will love myself and others will too. 


An instant, free 'upgrade',


PS: Say this while standing tall, with your chest up, and in a strong voice.

PPS: Hearing yourself say this might be weird, but to get a different result, you have to do something different (like this!) 


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