How To Wake Up Feeling Fantastic!

In the book "The Miracle Morning", Hal Elrod describes 6 "best practices" to wake up feeling incredible.

By having a consistent morning practice, you can prime yourself to have a great morning, every morning! 

We talked last week about ways to wake up in a good space. NOW, what to do when you wake up? 

Hal uses the acronym SAVERS to describe the ideal morning routine

The First S to your morning should involve:

1. Silence

- Meditation, Prayer, Reflection, Deep Breathing, Gratitude. 

I sit up, cross legged, eyes closed, and breath in through the nose.

All I think about is my breath. I use this time, usually only 60 seconds, to take a break from thinking about my problems. 

Invite Some Silence Into Your Mornings and start to shift from hurried and rushed to relaxed and calm. 

Sounds nice, right? 


Feel The Best You've Ever Felt,



PS: 60 seconds. That's it! Try it. 


PPS: If you have a glass of water before you enter into silence, you'll give your body the re-hydration it needs. 


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