Keep Your Calm With CALM Crystals

The CALM Crystal Healing set was designed to help combat some of the negative
vibes we’ve been feeling. Many of us have been on an emotional rollercoaster
throughout this pandemic, and it’s been pretty tough to stay grounded. Even the
most cool, calm and collected people have had their life flipped upside down and
been struggling to adapt to this traumatic, worldwide situation. We’re even picking
up this collective societal angsty energy that isn’t even ours! (Empaths-you know
what I’m talking about!)
This set is made up of a collections of crystals known for their grounding, cleansing,
healing properties. We have found our set to be the perfect tool to help reconnect
with our true essence- rebalance our energy and regaining the calm, peaceful state
of serenity that we have kind of lost our way from.
Each crystal in this set works in tandem with your self care practice to promote
healing within. When you tune in to the healing vibration, the crystal acts as a
catalyst to activate this process, bringing you back to a calm, natural sate of being.
Our upcoming blog series will break down the meaning and properties of each
crystal and how to use them to raise your vibration and regain your connectedness
to the earth and yourself.

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