Last Week, We Starting Talking To Ourselves...

Except, instead of saying the 90% of the SAME stuff we always tell ourself, we said something different.

And if you said it everyday since the last newsletter, you probably feel a little different.

MANY people reached out and asked for more, so definitely happy to help. 

But there's one thing I want to add. 

Don't just say it everyday to yourself. Say it with meaning. You see, your brain doesn't know the difference, and it will believe you. 

And when your believes you, it will happen.

Here's what I say to myself around "nutrition:"

I realise that achieving success in every area of my life begins and ends with my health and energy. Maintaining optimum levels of health begins with putting healthy, energising food into my body, such as "living" foods (raw fruits, vegetables, nuts seeds, etc.) so I will place more value on the health consequences of the food that I eat than I do on the taste, since the taste only lasts for a few moments, but the consequences impact every area of my life and last a lifetime. 

And yes, add this to last week's self-confidence affirmation and get double the benefit! 


An instant, free 'upgrade',


PS: Say this while standing tall, with your chest up, and in a strong voice.


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