How To Open Energy Channels With A Yoke Acupressure Mat

In this article, I talked about how I discovered an acupressure mat, and how it uses “meridians” to unblock places in your body that are tense, or in pain.

Opening Energy Channels with an Acupressure Mat

I think of meridians as highways of energy, and everywhere there is pain, whether physical or emotional, this is a queue (or bottleneck). It’s like approaching an intersection where the traffic lights have gone out, and it’s happening all over your body.

When I was a broken mess after the accident, none of my energy was flowing right. It was bottle-necking everywhere. My memory was gone, I couldn’t control my sleep, either not resting at all, or having 18 hours of sleep and my neck pain made me walk around like a mummy.

Inside though, I really worried that I wouldn’t recover. That I would lead this shell of a life forever — and it lasted, for months. Discovering the acupressure mat, and lying down on it, made me research into energy channels and their ability to ‘unblock the stagnant pathways in your body.’

I imagined, when I lay down on the spiky mat, feeling the energy flow freely throughout my body. It was therapeutic.

But the mats I found in the UK were cheap, and felt bad for my skin. They still looked like an ancient torture machine.

An Eco-Friendly, Beautiful YokeMat

So I went away and created my own — eco-friendly, beautiful and something I wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring on the road with me.

And then the reviews starting coming in - from people it's been helping. And I knew that this was a secret. If you've tried on, then you know! 

If not, then check it out - click Acupressure in the menu above and see what you are missing!


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