The Healing Crystal Chakra Blog Series (6/7): Third Eye Chakra and Amethyst

This is Part 6 of a 7 Part Series on Chakra Healing Crystals and their corresponding Chakra's (energy centres). 

Written by Sabina Ahmadov, our Yoke Ambassador for Yoga & Wellbeing

Third Eye Chakra and Amethyst

Third Eye, or Ajna chakra in Sanskrit, means 'perceive' or 'command'. It is the chakra of intuition, insight, self-realization, inspiration and imagination. The energy of the Ajna chakra allows us to not only see but to understand the inner and outer worlds. The brain, eyes, ears, nose, the pineal and pituitary glands are primarily nourished by this chakra. 


  • Element: Light
  • Purpose: Insight, guidance, wisdom
  • Petals: Two
  • Seed Sound: Aum
  • Deficient: Denial, cynicism, close-mindedness
  • Excessive: Delusion, hallucination
  • Balanced: Clarity, vision, wisdom

Yoga Asana Practices To Help

Quitening the mind, focusing the gaze (drishti)

 Dynamic Poses: Crow Pose (Bakasana), Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana), Dolphin Pose (Makarasana II)

 Relaxing Poses: Gentle variation of Plough Pose with bolster under sacrum (Halasana), Childs Pose (Balasana), Corpse Pose (Savasana)

crystal healing with amethyst

Amethyst is a semi-translucent quartz, famous for its purple coloration. Meditating with an amethyst creates a doorway between the third-eye chakra and the crown chakra. It is also associated with focus and self-reflection. A stone of transcendence, Amethyst will strengthen your connection to all things mystical and magical!

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