The Stories You Believe ... Which Aren't True

Soon I am going to enter the final trimester of my pregnancy.

It has been a completely different journey to what I hoped it would be, but nevertheless an illuminating and empowering one. Early in the pregnancy, we were told that our baby has a few issues which will need thorough attention, both throughout the pregnancy and when he makes it out.

This means that the choices I wanted to have around birth are no longer available.  What I thought I would be occupying myself with has been replaced with a daily practice of strengthening my body and especially mind. This is so that I am resilient enough to make it through every challenging scan and the information I have to receive and digest, which is given to me by medical professionals, a lot of whom are very factual, and sometimes lacking empathy and compassion (bless them!).

When we first talked about pregnancy and birth at school, our Biology teacher urged us not to have children because they are essentially 'parasites'! She said: 'Your body will never be the same again'. I remember thinking at the time - why would anyone put themselves through this torture, its literally the worst thing a woman could do? And some people even choose to do it more than once....WHY??? :) For a long time, I held this belief which was instilled in my very impressionable young mind.

This was the case until I started to build a yearning for a family, a desire that grew stronger with every year. Thankfully, I started to meet women who made this precious journey into motherhood, and showed me that despite the inconveniences, changes, and the massive responsibility you take on to care for another human... it is possible to move through this experience and choose to evolve with grace. It is possible to stay true to yourself. And yes, your body changes at a rate you might not have ever experienced before but you can maintain strength, power and maybe even channelling that power to shed what no longer serves you!

So I am on this precious, unknown and sometimes scary journey and regardless of the ups and downs, I feel so grateful to be part of it. Every day... I choose to be strong, I choose to take care of myself and I choose to love deeply this little person who will need attention and a little bit of medical help when he comes out.

Perhaps what my science teacher said (as a joke) can be true for those who think that way, because we are completely in control of our thoughts which are such a big part of our reality. However, I am grateful that I choose to perceive my experience differently. This makes my days happy, exciting and joyous.

As a yoga teacher, I see all the time people coming to me with one story or another -

"I am not flexible enough for yoga"
"I am too old for yoga"
"I am too weak for exercise"
"I am not good at change"
"I am not happy with my relationship but I can't do anything to change it"
"I can't leave my job because I don't know what else I would do"

... the list goes on.

What is a story you've been told... that wasn't true? (You can reply to this email if you'd like to share)

Have you ever checked in with where this story comes from?

Was it a misguided Biology teacher? Was it a pessimistic colleague who had one bad experience and now paints all experiences in life with the same brush?  Or does it come from somewhere else deep inside of... you?

Consider the source of this story, and ask yourself: Is this the truth?

If it's not 100% true, then maybe today you can begin to start the process of letting go of that story.

And when that old story starts to dissipate, invite in a new story... one that will serve you better.

Till The Next Story, 

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