Three Important Questions To Ask Yourself For Self-Cultivation

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If you are on a path to self-cultivation, think about this:
  • Who are your guides? These could be your teachers, coaches, ancestors. Whose voice and whose words land deeply in your heart?
  • What do you do every day which helps you get closer to uncovering who you really are? For example, as a kid expressing myself through poetry, drawing, singing and dancing was so important to me. In the years when I lost touch with my true self I left behind all of that (often thinking it was lame and childish). Now I am finding in the path to self-cultivation, I am slowly returning to activities which made me so happy as a child.
  • What mindful practices do you incorporate in your life? This could be yoga, meditation, walking, hiking, praying - anything which directs your energy from external stimuli back to you and only you.
The Yoke Wellness Ambassador,

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