Time to Spring Clean

When I was a kid around this time every spring, I remember thinking with dread that my mum is going to make me help with the Spring Cleaning chores.

She would take days off work and our entire home would be cleaned inside out. We would also use this time to change the winter clothes for spring summer clothes (that was always my favourite part).

The act of cleaning away the winter dust, cleaning the windows and letting the sun enter our home - all this seemed like such an unnecessary activity but was immensely important as a way to honour the cycle of seasons. When this week long ordeal was over, everything felt lighter and like we were in a brand new home - everything from curtains to rugs to bedding and covers, cushions and decorations - it changed and made way for vibrant summer energy.

The day of the Spring Equinox is also a celebration called Novruz in Azerbaijan - an ancient festival in celebration of springtime. Novruz means 'New Day' and begins on spring equinox when the day and night are equal lengths.

The build-up to Novruz begins a month before the festival. Each of the four Tuesdays falling before Novruz is dedicated to a different element. First is Water Tuesday (Su Chershenbesi), where water, a symbol of purity and renewal, melts from snow and renews nature. Next is Fire Tuesday (Od Chershenbesi) which honours fire as a method rebirth. Then it is Earth Tuesday (Torpaq Chershenbesi) marking the revival of the earth. Finally, it is Wind Tuesday (Hava Chershenbesi) when the wind opens the buds and marks the arrival of Spring.

My favourite activity was to watch the adults light a fire and then have us kids jump over them as an act of purification. Fire is re-birth and renewal.

What rituals can you create in Spring time which are meaningful to you?

Here are some suggestions:
  1. Spring Cleaning - I guess I've come full circle with this one. I used to hate this as a child but now I see it as a necessary part of change. I made my partner put this as a full day (on a Saturday too!) in our calendar, so in essence, I have become my mother, encouraging others to ritually clean with me. The act of cleaning is helpful and in so many ways spiritual! Letting go of the winter blues and the time of incubation and introspection - and things that will not serve any more, such as clothes and other items around the home so a big charity shop run (well not yet, I guess we can do that after 12th of April here in England). 
  2. Spring is about newness, freshness, and sewing seeds - this is a great time to set intentions or to revisit your 2021 intentions from January. Are they even relevant to you anymore? Or have you been sidetracked away from your intentions, is it time to re-focus?
  3. Think Liver & Gallbladder - According to Traditional Chinese medicine Liver and Gallbladder are the dominant organs and meridians of Spring time (more on this in the next blog). Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of blood and emotions throughout the body. The Gall Bladder is responsible for storing and excreting bile and governs decision making, planning, dreaming, inspiration, and assertiveness. One of the ways to keep these meridians happy is by paying attention to your food. Eat leafy greens like watercress, chard, lettuces, sprouts. Lemon or apple cider vinegar are also beneficial to move bile, especially taken in warm water first thing in the morning.
What are your spring rituals?

The Yoke Wellness Ambassador,

Sabina Ahmadov

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