‘Tis the Season for Acupressure

Get the best Black Friday deal on our acupressure mat and take
advantage of its many benefits this holiday season!

Are you looking to add a little more zen to your life this holiday season? Our Black Friday acupressure mat sale is coming up and this is the perfect opportunity to try out this amazing form of therapy. If you have been wondering what all the hype is about with these spiky-looking mats, or if you are looking for a unique gift for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life, take this as the sign you’ve been looking for to get one!

The YOKE eco-friendly acupressure mat (sometimes called a massage mat) is perfect for anyone looking to de-stress and relax. With over 7,000 pressure points, the acupressure mat is a wonder-drug without the drug! There are so many ailments an acupressure mat can help with.

Here are just a few areas in which our much loved customers have relayed the benefits they’ve experienced.

  • Tech-Neck - Let’s face it, working from home doesn’t necessarily provide us with the most ergonomic setup, which can really take its toll on our body. Combine that poor posture with more poor posture when you’re scrolling your phone or tablet and it doesn’t take long to feel the effects. Try the mat for 2 weeks on your neck, shoulders and back and see the difference it makes!
  • Menstrual Pain - When visiting an Acupressure Practitioner in person, there are certain points on the hands and feet they press to alleviate menstrual pain so it isn’t any surprise that our customers have found that a combination of standing on the YOKE acupressure mat for ten minutes and then pressing the hands on to the mat for ten minutes has similar results for reducing pain.
  • Mood & Anxiety - The improved mental health and wellbeing that seems to go hand in hand from continuous use of the mat is more than just coincidence. People who spent just 15 minutes a day on their mat reported an increase in energy, heightened sense of well-being and a more restful sleep. All factors that definitely contribute to better mental health! There are also studies that found acupressure mats may also help with mild to moderate symptoms of depression.
  • Circulation - Cold hands and feet be gone! Whatever the cause of your poor circulation, using an acupressure mat will stimulate the area to increase blood flow and improve circulation tremendously. This goes hand in hand with alleviating any aches, pains or stiffness you may be experiencing in the area as well.

If you are new to using the acupressure mat, don’t get discouraged if it feels uncomfortable at first. Like with anything, it just takes time and practice to get used to. Consistency is key but there’s also nothing wrong with just using a thin t-shirt and a shorter duration to ease your body into it when you’re first starting out.

There are so many benefits that using an acupressure mat can bring into your life and with the extended Black Friday deal we have going on now, there’s no better time (or price) to try one out. With Christmas on the horizon - you could even knock a few gifts off your list and get one for all of the special people in your life. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get one of these mats during our Black Friday sale at the lowest price we’ve ever offered! Check them out here.


The Yoke Wellness Ambassador,

Sabina Ahmadov

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