What Is Acupressure And Does It Work?

This article goes into more depth on acupressure and discuss if it works (see our acupressure products here)

When I wrote about my origin story, I was just a normal, average guy, having a lovely early morning cycle, when a sinister van decided to end that experience and crushed me, sending me into the Emergency Room.

A few people have since commented, “How has a nurse gotten into acupressure?”

I wanted to heal. I was a broken mess, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I didn’t trust myself to sleep, I was in pain all the time, I was lashing out at my partner, and was unable to work.

I tried everything before being shown the acupressure mat. Even when I tried it, I didn’t understand how it worked or how it was going to help. But it did. And, unlike the rest of my life, which is very Science and fact based, I believed in this because it was just worked. When nothing else (rehab, meds, rest) wasn’t.

Acupressure, simply, is the releasing of blocked energy points throughout the body. If you think of your body as having a number of different highways, think of places of physical (sprained wrist) and emotional (insecurity, in my case) as causing a traffic jam.

Now, there are only so many ways to release those bottlenecks — to ease the traffic, using acupressure helps the traffic, the energy in your body move smoothly throughout.

This helps the traffic, or the energy, go to where it needs to go. This helps your overall balance (the entire city’s traffic) and makes less people mad (less jams equals more flow).

That’s why, even now, I use the acupressure mat to help stabilise myself — it has given me a great outlet to allow my body to flow. People comment on how calm I am — and in part, that’s thanks to something that I attribute to acupressure.

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