When Can I Use an Acupressure Mat?

This article explains when you can use an acupressure mat. 

When can I use an Acupressure Mat?

The YokeMat and Pillow acupressure bundle is created specifically to be brought along with you. Regardless of what life is throwing at you, a few minutes on the mat is never far away. Personally, I like to step on it in the morning to energise myself, and lie on it in the evening to induce a restful sleep.
Other opportunities to get your Yoke on include:
  • In certain floor yoga poses.
  • Actually in bed before sleep.
  • While working from home.
  • Incorporated into your excercize routine to improve recovery.
  • During Netflix time..

When you use the YokeMat is a personal experience; I'd suggest experimenting at different times with different areas of your body and notice what your body experiences. 

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