Why Yoke Wellness Changed The Acupressure Mat To Look Different

This article is a behind the scenes look at how I helped make Yoke Wellness's best-selling line of acupressure products. 

“Why Should Healing Have To Be So Ugly?”

Recently, I wrote about my origin story, and how I was just a normal, average guy, having a lovely early morning cycle, when a sinister van decided to end that experience and crushed me, sending me into the Emergency Room. I continue to have intensely painful tweaks of my neck, spine and my throbbing concussion brain. To complement what traditional Doctors gave me, I developed my own Acupressure Mat to help with the healing.

After using a few acupressure mats on the market, I realised that I would need something better. I tore apart the old design and created something that I wouldn’t be ashamed to pull out of my luggage, or to show friends.

I needed something eco-friendly, and durable, so people only needed one mat for life. Any acupressure mats I did find didn’t feel right to me; they were flimsy, and not easy to carry, and were very delicate. They also seemed cheap and came in awful colours.

You Shouldn't Have To Hide Away Self-Care When Friends Come Over

And they were NOT TRAVEL FRIENDLY. They came with were these gross plastic cases that made it seem like you were bringing a foam roller everywhere you go. 

I just wanted to travel with this thing… but how? I knew if I didn’t recover from my concussion, and quick, I was going to continue to turn into a monster — I was snapping at my partner, my brain didn’t like looking at screens and I felt so unconfident at work (it’s called brain injury anger)

So, I went through the archives, hit the drawing board and months later was able to produce a delightful travel tote bag.

My pride and joy.

I now take this with me everywhere I go, and it can relieve and work on headaches, tension areas and neck pain.

Combined with the acupressure mat & pillow, here’s what it is going to help with:

🧘A Natural Way To De-Stress. Simply lie on the acupressure mats and massage pillow for a release of endorphine that make you melt, and be ready for anything to come, in just minutes a day.

😊Use To Boost Your Mood. Release stagnant energy and feel more relaxed, attentive and in-control, so you can continue reaching your life goals.

❤️Feel Muscle Tension Melt Away. Relieves headaches, stiff neck, back pain, fibromyalgia and insomnia relief, so you can optimise your routine.

✌️Natural, Drug Free, Holistic Self-Care. Hand crafted from eco-friendly, non harmful materials to know that you are making a difference to the planet.

🧘Take Charge Of Your Wellness Journey. Practice the ancient healing form of acupressure, in a modern way, so you can gain an edge in life without needing a practitioner.

I know it works, because I’ve tried it, and I use it, and I feel better for it.

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