Yoke Wellness Started With A Bang.

How Yoke Brought Me Wellness

This article is about how Yoke Wellness, and specifically our YokeMat acupressure products helped me recover from a traumatic injury. 

"Oh My God, you just killed that cyclist.” One and a half years ago today, staring up at a black London sky, I woke to those words.

Like heroes in film, I tried to lift my thumb up valiantly to show that I was not dead. My hand refused to lift. I tried again. Nothing. It wasn’t moving. My legs were twisted around something. I looked down. Why were they wrapped around a lamppost? As an Emergency Room Nurse, I knew this could be life-changing… or worse… life-ending.

It was a really chilly, crisp morning and I’m riding my bike to a spin class (ironic). It’s early, there’s no traffic on the roads and it’s great for getting my legs moving. The wind feels great in my hair, the only sound being the steady hum of my chain and two wheels. This feels alive. I notice a van coming the opposite way from me — I glance down and see my lights are still on, see the traffic light is green and am halfway through the intersection when, without warning, he turns directly into me.

Within the blink of an eye, I am airborne → through the side of the van → hurtled into a streetlamp, landing face-up on the cold pavement.

It happens faster than you can snap your fingers.*

My body, which was just moments ago at the peak of an early morning cycle, now, immovable. Stopped. Broken. It takes 3 ambulance members and 3 police officers to un-tangle my body from the pole, trying to not move my neck in case it was broken.

I think of who I can call to help me. And realise, almost with a start, that I cannot call my ex-wife. When we split she made it specifically clear that she didn’t want me in this country, not to mention, even the same city as her. I already felt like I didn’t belong in this country anymore, and this accident is going to test my own coping mechanisms and those of my incredibly small social network.

The world was sending me a message that my test wasn’t over, and I did not want to fold. I was going to get up from this. I went on a mission to learn everything about recovery and healing there was to know.

I poured through textbooks, medical journals, blog posts, and consulted hundreds of friends. My process to recover was thorough and aggressive, pushing my body to the limits.

18 months on, I am nearly healed.

From acupressure mats to consistent yoga, to healing crystals, shamans and a variety of alternative and new age treatments, I learned how to heal. And I wanted to share this with you. So I began Yoke Wellness with that view - to help people heal. 

My traumatic brain injury has been cleared. My concussion symptoms are gone— my neck, back, wrist and knee were healed by numerous wonderful healers. I still live in this city, and I feel like I belong. I have self-worth again.

My brush with death has given me clarity.

I feel different; like when an eye-doctor adjusts the lens, and the letters are so much clearer.

 To The Change,



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