You Are the Average of 5 People You Hang Out With

My friend said this to me the other day. It grabbed my attention, especially thinking back to last year when I mostly hung out (live) with 1 other person during lockdown - "are me and my partner going to look like each other soon?" We already have matching beanie hats 🤭

Jokes aside, I think it's true and it's one of the simplest things success seekers continue to underestimate. Thinking back to various phases in my life, and the people who surrounded me in that phase - from what I listened to, what I ate and how I dressed - in subtle and seemingly small ways, I was affected by my immediate social group and I affected them too.

Think about the 5 people who have the most influence in your life.

Who are people you hang out & exchange messages with the most (Zoom counts)?

You can look at it from the perspective of personal development. For example, I have a friend in Germany with whom I exchange long voice messages with - sometimes altogether they are 1 hour long. We joke and call them podcasts, but these interactions & having her in my sphere of influence exchanging life stories make me a better person.

You can look at it from the perspective of chasing your dreams. My partner, Ravi, for example, joined a co-working space in 2019 when working from home became too lonely. He began to meet entrepreneurs... people who risked so much to build businesses and realise their dreams. I remember him coming home in awe and talking about how incredibly passionate they were and how he wanted to be like them. Fast forward to today, Ravi is the Founder of Yoke Wellness, which many of you have supported (thank you!) and those people he became friends with are the people who are still in his circle of influence! He now is realising his own dreams.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to hang around people whom we perceive to be more successful or more intelligent than us. But whenever I catch myself bringing me down in comparison to others, I wonder.... now what I can bring into the mix thats equally great. I remind myself all humans are special and I have gifts which are unique too.

If this successful person makes you raise your game and want to be a better person (in a good way) then don't let them go, learn from them and offer them your unique gifts. If you leave your interactions with this person feeling down on yourself because they use your perceived failures to make themselves feel better then maybe it is time to stop hanging out with them.

As far back as 1895, Gustave Le Bon published "The crowd: A study of popular mind" and claimed that an individual immersed for some length of time in a crowd soon finds themselves in consequence of magnetic influence given out by the crowd.

Now that things are opening up, and we are beginning to be more social... ask yourself...

Are these the people that I want to influence & be influenced by? 


The Yoke Wellness Ambassador,

Sabina Ahmadov


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