The YokeMat - #1 Eco Acupressure Mat & Pillow Bundle (Sky Blue)

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  • £49.97

  • ⚡ LIVE FREE WHEN YOU OVERCOME BACK PAIN AND NECK PAIN: Like thousands of our customers, empower yourself to live pain free. Created by an NHS Nurse, watch muscle tension MELT AWAY as a result of increased circulation as you lie on our 7,000 ergonomically engineered acupressure mat. This self-care tool DISSOLVES STRESS, pain and helps you release and let go! NO more un-natural, un-healthy remedies with SIDE EFFECTS – this all natural spike mat reduces stress and ANXIETY RELIEF.

  • 😴 THE DEEPEST, HIGHEST QUALITY SLEEP SO YOUR DAYS ARE ENERGETIC AGAIN: Our customers rave about their SLEEP QUALITY – before bed, ten minutes on our acupuncture mat is all it takes for your body to start it’s NATURAL HEALING process to lull you into a peaceful, blissed state. You will wake up and feel LASTING RELIEF from any soreness, stiffness, aches or pains. It’s the perfect RELAXATION and recovery tool! Feel your BODY RELAX totally within minutes!

  • ✌️ PREVENT EXPENSIVE ACUPUNCTURE AND MASSAGE TREATMENTS MEANING YOU SAVE MONEY: Designed to last a lifetime, this muscle mat and acupressure pillow incorporates into your DAILY ROUTINE easily (yoga, meditation, mindfulness). An ECO FRIENDLY gift that provides sciatica relief, arthritis pain relief, headache relief, migraine relief, lower back pain relief, bad back, insomnia relief, tension headache relief and as a fibromyalgia aids.

  • ❤️ FLUSH OLD TOXINS AND REPLACE WITH NEW MOTIVATION TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS: Lying on the spikes encourages your body to REMOVE old TOXINS, and replace with fresh blood, giving you MORE ENERGY and rejuvenating skin’s YOUTHFUL ELASTICITY. From helping ease tensions in the back and neck, to calming down before sleep, this washable mat has been reviewed as  “the best thing I’ve ever spent my money on!” A natural, drug free way to upgrade to a healthier mindset.

  • 🌎 GIVING BACK TO OTHERS & PROTECT MOTHER NATURE: Feel good - your purchase automatically gives clean water to those who need it most. Buy Quality - OTHER mats have CHEAP foam padding, WEIRD shaped pillows and SCRATCH your arms when you stand up. Our hand-crafted re-design won’t scratch, is made using natural, non-harmful products like ORGANIC cotton, sustainable COCONUT fibre mat filling, MEDICAL GRADE plastic and a PLANT BASED pillow!  Plus tote bag, strap and biodegradable packaging.


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These Spikes Are Incredible!

I found this on Google when searching for an acupressure mat! I want to help my aches and pains in my neck and back and this really helped! I also love the story of Yoke and how the founders use this product for their headaches and stress! New fan here :)

Yoke Wellness The YokeMat - #1 Eco Acupressure Mat & Pillow Bundle (Sky Blue) Review