CALM Healing Crystal Set

  • £33.99
- 🧘 ANCIENT CRYSTAL COLLECTION FOR THE MODERN PERSON: Set includes 1 rough stone (Lapis Lazuli), 8 tumbled stones (Tiger Eye, Amazonite, Lepidolite, Green Aventurine, Howlite, Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli) and 2 cleansing tools (Selenite Tower and Sage Bundle).

- 🦄 A MUST-HAVE PERFECT BEGINNERS GEM KIT TO CHANGE YOUR ENERGY: Includes poster guide, cleansing/activation instructions. Constellation theme packaging with golden lettering  Photos are an accurate representation of the quality of the stones you will receive. Crystals vary in shape and size from 1"-2".

- ⚡ PROTECT YOUR VIBRATIONS WITH OUR HAND-SELECTED STONES: Crystals aide you to become the clearest, shiniest, most inspired and grounded version of yourself. Using these self-healing tools requires presence, going inside and listening to your gut (intuition) - what will you discover?

- ❤️ WHY WOULD YOU USE A CALM HEALING SET? Lapis Lazuli for dissolving stress, Tiger's Eye for inner strength, Amazonite for calming anger, Lepidolite for protective vibration,  Aventurine for positive emotions, Howlite for stilling the mind, Amethyst to soothe your soul, Black Obsidian for Focus When Overwhelmed, Selenite to radiate love while Sage is to move stagnant energy out.

- 🌍 EARTH CONSCIOUS & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Most of the crystals we treasure are by-products of industrial mining, and now that the crystals have been extracted from the Earth, they need our careful care to ensure they remain beautiful and whole.


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Debra S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Healing crystals

I used them to help me with my art


Love this set I bought for my daughter.....super quality and prompt delivery. Thank you


Healing Crystals that sooth your world

Having arrived in a beautiful constellation theme gift box, using these natural calming self-healing has bee so soothing. A feeling of clarity and calmness has evolved after using these crystals consistently. A perfect meditation tool. It includes Tiger's Eye for inner strength, Amazonite for calming, Lepidolite for a protective vibe, Aventurine for positive emotion, Howlite to calm the mind, Amethyst to soothe the soul, Black Obsidian for focus, Selenite to radiate love and Sage is to push any stagnant energy out of the body.Yoke Wellness know their stuff and show respect, love and care for the planet we live on. Love them and love what they do....!


Beautiful present for an unhappy friend

Fantastic present that helped to lift my friend out of her bad place. The guide was great to give her a push to use them and the sage was what her lockdown house needed to refresh the energy. Highly recommend ____

Amazon C.

Beautiful Crystal Package

This is a really gorgeous and compact set of crystals. The presentation box is incredible handy to keep them all together and safe. As a beginner I really loved following the crystal chart and the free online meditation session that is provided with this set. Highly recommend.


So Lovely!

The Calm Healing set is gorgeous! It was so well packaged (unpackaged in the photo!) and I really enjoyed the experience of opening and reading through the cards that came with it explaining the qualities of each crystal. I bought this for myself but I think it makes a great gift for friends.


Gorgeous gift set....was a gift and she was amazed by the quality of the crystals

Mrs I.

Excellent!!. Thanks

Great birthday present for my daughter!





Great starter package for beginners

What I disliked about product was the writing on cards about the crystals, not easy for to read what each crystal meansGreat starter package, for beginners however it was neatly packaged for a gift or just leaving them in the boxBut if you need fully charging your self, leave them in the sun, they certainly do work as wanted to get rid bad negative the lounge & use one of crystals building up low energy, trust me it worksDefinitely value for money, I love the craftsmanship, if you’re not sure 🤔 how to go about that, there are certainly about chakra stones, there is plenty information on it, google it or you tube it, for whatever takes your interest


Great present for any crystal lover

This is such a great present for any crystal lover, it would be perfect to add to a collection or even to start a collection. Each item is wrapped beautifully inside a nice little giftbox.You get 11 pieces - a rough stone and 8 other tumbled stones. You also get two cleansing tools. The kit helps meditation and provides a guide and poster on each of the properties of the gems.They are just beautiful and are quite large in size, the size does vary from pack to pack.

david h.

It's all good, man.

Arrived quicker than expected. Well packaged item.Have only used a bit so far but did feel a benefit to them.


Beautiful Set - Excellent quality

This is a really beautiful and lovely crystal set. I really like how it is packaged, the attention to detail with this, the instructions explaining how to use are all really great.This is great as a gift and just to explore some chakra crystals and grounding sage.. I enjoyed using the selenite tower to have better energy around my desk.I am new to the whole exploring energy with crystals and I found this to be a great set to explore this. Seems like a great British Business and the make a donation to Charity:Water UK with every purchase. The quality is great. I highly recommend.


Makes for a excellent gift

This is a beautiful set, which makes for the perfect gift.Comes well packaged and presented.Might seem a bit expensive but i personally think it's worth it.


A little box of calm

This is calm, healing set of assorted crystals and a sage bundle.As soon as you open the box drawer you can smell the lovely scent of sage. The crystals are a good size and the Selenite tower is gorgeous with its shimmer it looks like it’s alight.There is a pack of information cards so you can identify each crystal and how to use themBeautifully wrapped and packed with absolutely minimal plastic (just the wrapper on the tower).Lovely quality and great value for a charming box of calm.

Kindle C.

Yoke Wellness Calm Healing Crystal Set - 11 Piece Crystals

This beautifully presented healing crystal set would get 5* stars from me any day of the week. It is stunning from the time you open the lovely crafted box and see the care and attention that has been taken putting this gift together, to the smell from the calming sage that starts to work on your senses.. Each individual item comes in it's own wrapping. This set works if your new to the power of crystals, or have a vast knowledge of all this world has to offer in the healing stones energies. The box contains 11 items each with different healing energies, Lapis Lazuli for dissolving stress, Tiger's Eye for inner strength, Amazonite for calming anger, Lepidolite for protective vibration, Aventurine for positive emotions, Howlite for stilling the mind, Amethyst to soothe your soul, Black Obsidian for Focus When Overwhelmed, Selenite to radiate love while Sage is to move stagnant energy out. This is a beautiful box full of Crystal's to heal the mind and calm the sole. Hold one in your hand and feel it's energy. It's a huge 5* from me folks.