YokeMat Eco Acupressure Mat & Pillow Bundle (Forest Green)

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  • ⚡ LIVE FREE WHEN YOU OVERCOME BACK PAIN AND NECK PAIN: Like thousands of our customers, empower yourself to live pain free. Created by an NHS Nurse, watch muscle tension MELT AWAY as a result of increased circulation as you lie on our 7,000 ergonomically engineered acupressure mat. This self-care tool DISSOLVES STRESS, pain and helps you release and let go! NO more un-natural, un-healthy remedies with SIDE EFFECTS – this all natural spike mat reduces stress and ANXIETY RELIEF.  

  • 😴 THE DEEPEST, HIGHEST QUALITY SLEEP SO YOUR DAYS ARE ENERGETIC AGAIN: Our customers rave about their SLEEP QUALITY – before bed, ten minutes on our acupuncture mat is all it takes for your body to start it’s NATURAL HEALING process to lull you into a peaceful, blissed state. You will wake up and feel LASTING RELIEF from any soreness, stiffness, aches or pains. It’s the perfect RELAXATION and recovery tool! Feel your BODY RELAX totally within minutes!

  • ✌️ PREVENT EXPENSIVE ACUPUNCTURE AND MASSAGE TREATMENTS MEANING YOU SAVE MONEY: Designed to last a lifetime, this muscle mat and acupressure pillow incorporates into your DAILY ROUTINE easily (yoga, meditation, mindfulness). An ECO FRIENDLY gift that provides sciatica relief, arthritis pain relief, headache relief, migraine relief, lower back pain relief, bad back, insomnia relief, tension headache relief and as a fibromyalgia aids.

  • ❤️ FLUSH OLD TOXINS AND REPLACE WITH NEW MOTIVATION TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS: Lying on the spikes encourages your body to REMOVE old TOXINS, and replace with fresh blood, giving you MORE ENERGY and rejuvenating skin’s YOUTHFUL ELASTICITY. From helping ease tensions in the back and neck, to calming down before sleep, this washable mat has been reviewed as  “the best thing I’ve ever spent my money on!” A natural, drug free way to upgrade to a healthier mindset.

  • 🌎 GIVING BACK TO OTHERS & PROTECT MOTHER NATURE: Feel good - your purchase automatically gives clean water to those who need it most. Buy Quality - OTHER mats have CHEAP foam padding, WEIRD shaped pillows and SCRATCH your arms when you stand up. Our hand-crafted re-design won’t scratch, is made using natural, non-harmful products like ORGANIC cotton, sustainable COCONUT fibre mat filling, MEDICAL GRADE plastic and a PLANT BASED pillow!  Plus tote bag, strap and biodegradable packaging.


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Sandra F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

YokeMat Eco Acupressure Mat & Pillow Bundle

I was very fortunate to receive my mat as a Christmas present and loved it so much I have now purchased 3 more to gift to my friends. They all agree, a fab idea. Great quality, both blue and green colour lovely, comes in a super bag. Highly recommend


Yoke Wellness

Wow! I am glad you love our acupressure set as much as I do. I am sure your friends will love it too!


Mat is absolutely amazing. Great quality, beautiful colour. Express delivery.


Excellent quality and quick delivery.


The item is lovely and great quality. There had been an issue with the delivery ( DPD) and I received great customer service from the seller- professional and prompt replies. Highly recommended!

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Forest green yoke mat set

I bought this for my daughter snd she is absolutely thrilled with it. Much better quality than a previous mat from a different supplier. It is so convenient with the carrying case. Thank you.


Yoke Wellness

Wow! Glad your daughter loved it! Yes, it is really convenient with the carrying case for you can bring it anywhere hassle free :)


Great buy! I love it thank you


Arrived really quickly, brilliant service. Item well packaged and presented, exactly as described.

Julie R.

This is a gift for my sister, I hope it will help her. I got her the yoga mat too!


Item as described. Seller very helpful, including a link to view ' how to get the most out of the product'. Speedy despatch and delivery(DPD). Definitely recommend.


Amazing how quick you relax!

I've been wanting to try one of these for ages, but have always been worried it would be too intense and never sure if the benefits outweigh the pain?I have to admit, when I first got on, I wasn't convinced! However, once I settled and stopped moving (slow is definitley better!) it didn't take long for the initial intensity to ease and it actually became quite a soothing experience.I only stayed a few minutes on the first go, but after a few sessions on the mat, it became easier to stay longer and I started to feel the benefits. Even managed bare skin the last time!You get a tingling on the skin for a while after, but it leaves you feeling calmly energised. I also tend to sleep better after sessions, especially if I lie on the mat an hour or so before bed.I chose this particular mat as it is from a small, independant business and is also eco-friendly and comes in compostable packaging. Something that is extremely important to me when purchasing. It is beautifully packaged, comes with it's own carry bag and the colour is lovely too.Definitely recommend giving it a go :)



Initially the matt and pillows cause some discomfort whilst getting used to the acupuncturelike spikes, however, stick with it and the benifits will, after a few attempts begin to materialisegiving you relief from many a complaint++++++


Not totally convinced that it's for me

On arrival I was surprised by how hard and sharp each "flower" felt. Previous experience of acupuncture was in a clinic and individual needles were used.Having read the instructions I began with a few minutes each session and wearing light clothing, it was not as bad as I had feared. Over the days I have noticed very little change in my lower back pain levels but I have been experiencing less tension headaches. The pillow I have been using in the small of my back and across my shoulders, not yet sure about the mat as I find it very uncomfortable after a short time. If it becomes easier I will edit my review.


You can certainly feel it!

I was intrigued by this after suffering a bit of lower backache recently.It arrives in very nice packaging with the mat and pillow nicely contained.Upon unrolling it and tentatively stepping onto it in bare feet a stream of expletives fell from my lips. This thing hurts! Which I believe its meant to initially. I have yet to stand fully on it as it feels it will pierce my feet (I'm sure it won't!).The sharp rose-like bits that adorn the surfaces are quite hard and don't really give. They are designed to dig in and certainly do!When lying on it (veeeery slowly) it feels similarly sharp initially but you eventually get used to it (sort of). I can't say I've got to the point yet where I would call it relaxing.The similarly sadistic pillow was a bit disappointing as there's not to much to it. I feel I would need to put a standard pillow underneath it you use it effectively.The high marks are mainly for the good quality of it, it feels like it's built to last well enough.Only time will tell if it benefits me in any way but, and I'm assuming ALL of these mats hurt to a degree, it seems like a very well made and packaged product.


Covers made of natural cotton material.

The set is gorgeous. A convenient bag in which everything is very compactly folded, which is convenient to store and which is convenient to take with you to your meditation workout. Covers made of natural cotton material, light blue, blue sky as a symbol of peace and purity. The kit contains a description and recommendations for using the kit. Acupuncture needles made of durable plastic in the form of beautiful roses. The rug is very chubby, neatly sewn. The pillow is rectangular, it is comfortable to sleep on. Covers can be easily and quickly removed and washed if necessary. I am very pleased with the quality of the kit. I advise everyone!