Self Care is Soul Care

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How Yoke Began (With A Bang)

Hi, I'm Ravi! While cycling on a dark, December morning in 2018 through Central London, a van crunched me, sending me flying across an intersection and into a lamp-post. It took 8 people to carry me into the ambulance and over two years to recover from multiple injuries, including a  traumatic brain injury. 

As a nurse and National public health expert, I already knew how to heal the traditional Western way. But I wanted to re-learn healing and wellbeing from alternative and natural healing methods. I spent years learning new ways to heal with my partner and yoga teacher, Sabina. 

 By the end of their 2 year journey, Ravi recovered from his accident and naturally reversed a thyroid condition while Sabina had a previously undiagnosed nutrient deficiency balanced. It was this holistic journey that inspired them to help others find their own wellbeing.

Ravi loves creating products that make you feel good, while Sabina focuses on functional movement, yoga and meditation as the Ambassador for Yoga and Wellbeing. 

Want to get in touch? Email us at calm@yokewellness.co

The Yoke Philosophy

Yoke (the union of Mind and Body) Wellness was born on the premise that there is  transformative power of your mind and bodies ability to heal, nourish and bring energy to your life. We're excited to create holistic lifestyle, eco-friendly products, learn more about  wellbeing , and make something beautiful for each other. We believe when we’re able to find what makes us feel our best, we can be our best selves, and in turn live our best lives.

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