Our Journey

This is embarrassing. That's me. A Doctor had just left the room.
The Good News?
The van that crushed me on my bike hadn't broken my neck.
The Bad News?
I had a brain injury. The next 2 years were going to be the most difficult of my life.

I knew in our order to get my life back, I had to recover... differently.

My partner (Sabina, a yoga teacher) and I (an NHS Nurse) went on this journey to feel the best we have ever felt, and along the way discovered practices and products that were like Forgotten Healing For Modern People.
Amazing, life-changing things like Functional Movement, Breath-Work, Body-Work, Crystal Healing, Acupressure and using Food as Medicine. 
We had to tell everyone about these.
So, Yoke Wellness (the union of mind, body and breath) was born, and we have helped thousands of people transform their lives.
And we can help you, too!
As we say, "No Self-Care, No Life."
Don't postpone the most important person in your life one day longer (you!). Start your journey:
- From Scattered to Mindful
- From Self-Doubt to Confident
- From Scarcity to Abundance
You've worked too hard to not feel at your best.
Feel The Best You've Ever Felt,
Ravi & Sabina
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