How Acupressure Works & FAQ's


What are the Yoke Acupressure Bundle made of?

Our Acupressure sets come with an acupressure mat, an acupressure pillow and a beautiful durable carry tote bag... all for one low price. 

We're proud of our acupressure mat bundles, which is filled with coconut fibre - plant based, renewable and sustainable source that naturally repels odour and microbes. The outer cover is GOTS certified organic linen and over 5,000 medical grade plastic spikes. The pillow is 100% Cotton with HIPS Medical Grade plastic Spikes and Cotton filling.


I'm New To This. How Does Acupressure Help?

Acupressure is an ancient Eastern medicine that believes your body has key points around the body that, when stimulated, can help relieve tension, improve sleep and have a better wellbeing. If you went for an acupressure session, they would like stimulate these points with their fingers, but you can also use a tool, like the acupressure mat to do this. If you have blocked or slow-moving energy in areas, the mat will help release these.


How Does It Work? 

When you lie down on the Yoke Acupressure set, thousands of petals deeply massage your back, alleviating stress and muscle tension. The massage releases endorphins, which are powerful natural painkillers. Endorphins block pain fast and produce a feeling of happiness and wellbeing. You’ll notice results from your very first session.


What's The Best Way To Use A Yoke Acupressure Set?

Like most things in life, goodness comes through Consistency. 10 minutes a day, everyday for 10 minutes, and then you will start to see a big difference. That's why we give a free 10 day, 10 minute meditation (courtesy of our Ambassador of Yoga and Wellbeing, Sabina Ahmadov). I'd start with a thin layer of clothes - stand on it for 3 minutes, put my hands on it for 3 minutes and then lie down on my back for four minutes. Sometimes I'll also lie on my sides or my front, depending on what I need.


What Can The Acupressure Set Help With?

By improving the flow of your blood, you also improve your 'chi' (energy) and with more opened up energy, you are less likely to be blocked (pain) and be relieved of stressed and more relaxed. I also use it at night to help improve my sleep - especially after a long work day.


Can the Yoke Acupressure Set treat other conditions?

Acupressure is used to treat a number of conditions - I used it for a head injury, headaches, migraines, and loads of achy joints and muscles after the accident. The main use though? It helped my sleep. Incredibly. 

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sciatica pain in the back or leg
  • stiff back or neck muscles
  • trouble sleeping (insomnia)
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Fibromyalgia (FS)


    Are there any side effects?

    It is going to be super tingly the first few times. Be gentle, only spend a few minutes on the mat. You will see some redness and some imprints in the area you lay on (that's the energy channels opening up - good energy!) - this should disappear in a few minutes!


    Would this be suitable for pregnant women?

    There are acupressure points that can induce labor - so please do not use Yoke acupressure products if you are pregnant.


    I've Heard This Is Painful - True?

    Painful, no. But it can be uncomfortable while your body gets used to it. You may feel the spikes are too sharp - if that's the case, put a thin piece of cloth overtop and try again. Be kind and work your way up to a few minutes. Helping bring circulation to areas where there hasn't been can cause tingling and redness the first few times. After awhile, you shouldn't feel this (and might even like it!).


    How do I maintain my Yoke Acupressure Bundle Set?

    Lukewarm water, elbow grease and some mild soap. Put it on a clothes rack to drip dry.


    Can my child use it?

    With an adult supervising, children can use it - lying on it can help them calm their nervous systems.


    Are There People Who Shouldn't Use Acupressure?

    Please speak to your healthcare provider about using an acupressure mat if:

    • You are pregnant
    • Have open wounds
    • Heart Disease
    • Low Blood Pressure
    • Coagulation problems or are taking anticoagulants
    • Allergic back eczema, general psoriasis or extensive skin damage.


    What Do Other People Say? 

    We have thousands of positive website reviews, are rated "Excellent" on Trustpilot, and have a 4.8 score on Google! 


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