Vegan Yoga Mat FAQ's

What is the story behind this mat? 

Hi, it's Ravi - the founder of Yoke Wellness. After I was struck by a van on my bicycle, I used yoga to help me recover. I was disturbed to find out most yoga mats release cancer causing agents and dioxins into the air that are absorbed through your skin. They also stay stuck in landfills for decades. YUCK! By creating a mat made out of jute and PER, it's a safer option for you and for the planet. I wanted something with good grip, no nasty chemicals and animal product free and this is it! I'm so proud of the biodegradable, recyclable, long lasting yoga mat. Practice well!


What is the dimensions of the mat?

The yoga mat is 183.5cm long (that's pretty long!) and 61 cm wide and what we think is the perfect thickness - 5 mm (super supportive for your joints, not too thick that you don't sink in).


Can I use my mat in hot yoga?

 Yes, with a thin towel on top. It is usable in most other styles too - Forrest, Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa (the list goes on and on!).


This is not like my last mat - what is it?

 Our mat is made out of jute (plant hanging baskets can also be made of jute!), which is earth-grown and one of the world's most sustainable fibres, taking only 4 months to be fully grown. Our mats are also made from  PER (Polymer Environment Resin) - which is a kinder, gentler ingredient than PVC (the normal yoga mat material). PER is bio-degradable and an eco synthetic rubber that contains s no PVC, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, phenols, PAH’s, latex, rubber, or silicone.


How do you clean the mat?

 Wipe down the mat with a clean cloth and some non-toxic cleaner, or some essential oil mix will do the trick (lavendar, lemon and tea tree oil is what's used in our home!). If it's really dirty - a rinse off with some warm water and detergent (drip dry) and it will be ready for the next asana!


The mat is reversible, right?

Yes! And everybody likes a different side - whether it's the natural, grounding jute fibre side, or the calming reverse - it's all good!


How do I break in the mat when it's new? 

Air it out a little, unroll it, step on it, walk on it, play on it or do a workout on it! The more you use it, the better it's going to break in. Give it a wipe (see above) and be gentle the first few practices - it takes a few uses to gain it's super grip!


Where are our mats made?

Our mats are designed in London, England and made in China, using ethical and stringent policies to ensure quality and the highest standards. The quality is checked multiple times before being delivered to you!